Moisturizing cream deep effect

Moisturizing cream deep effect


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Moisturizing Cream Deep Effect is the daily answer to the problem of dehydration.

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Moisturizing Cream Deep Effect is the daily answer to the problem of dehydration. The technology used improves the skin irrigation system by encouraging the flow of water between the cells, for a lasting and deep result. It also stimulates the deep reserves of water allowing it to ascend to the upper layers of the epidermis, for absolute comfort.




How to use

Apply HYDRA SYSTEM CREAM morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin with Double Value Emulsion, with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.


  • Goji Fruit (Lycium Barbarum extract) : Fruit of the Himalayan miracle, it is a bio-stimulant with high potential
  • Pseudoalteromonas Fement ectract + NMF: molecular film containing specific active ingredients with a high moisturizing and regenerating effect, which make the skin pleasant to the touch, even in extreme conditions. It also contains NMF amino acids, keeping it in optimal conditions even in situations of environmental stress.
  • Complex of yeasts and sugars: A complex of amino acids deriving from yeast, sugars and osmolytes that promote the transport of water inside the cell, keeping it always hydrated. The TEWL effect decreases.
  • Hyaloglycans: precursors of hyaluronic acid and penetration factors able to reconstruct hyaluronic acid in depth in order to regenerate the fundamental layer of the dermis.
  • Viola Tricolor: stimulates the aquaporins and transports the water into the deeper layers of the dermis.
  • Brazilian Nut: hygroscopic peptides that bind water to the skin giving back support and softness

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