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Mascia Brunelli spa selects each product and each treatment in order to provide effective responses by drawing the modern biotechnology so that every method is always safe, functional and agreeable to the senses.
Mascia Brunelli spa, which is active on cosmetic field more than 70 years, sets to satisty the clients needs as its first goal, referring to the products performance and assistance pre and post selling. Important is to establish a continuously improvement process of products and services offered to customers.


Quality, research, transparency and Experience.
Your Skin is a priority, in order to create moments of absolute comfort, by taking care about the person in its entireness and by yielding every products and treatments experience rewarding and meaningful.


Mascia Brunelli spa has a rigorous Quality Assurance System that guarantees design, production, control and customer spreading of products conform to specification defined and to legal and regulatory requirements, according to: EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485.
Mascia Brunelli spa has modern equipped laboratories as well as for quality assurance and for the activities of Research and Development, conducted by qualified personnel.
The brand, ethically correct, doesn’t perform animals testing.

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