Eyes and Lips gel

Eyes and Lips gel


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An age defense formula specifically adapted to the most delicate part of the face

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An age defense formula specifically adapted to the most delicate part of the face. The serum is formulated with a particularly high concentration of active ingredients with natural extracts that to help dramatically dissolve the appearance of dark circles, surface discolorations and unevenness. The look of lines and wrinkles is softened. Over time, a visibly healthier, smoother and more luminous look is revealed.




How to use

Cleanse face carefully with Double Value Emulsion before applying Eyes & Lips Gel. Apply daily morning and evening under the eyes and around lips.


  • Cornflower Distilled Water: flower rich in lenitive substances. Is used for eyes cosmetic products thank to soothing and refreshing properties.
  • Aloe Vera: plant rich in polysaccharides moisturizing and other active principles with lenitive and decongestant effects.
  • NHM(Neo Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone): from grapefruit, decreases capillary vessel permeability, one of the reason of formation under eyes bags.
  • Matrikine constitutes a revolutionary ingredient to treating wrinkles and remarkable alternative to retinol and vitamin C. Stimulates the skin fibroblasts in order to reconstitute the extracellular matrix: it leads to the synthesis of collagen I and IV, fibronectine glycosaminoglycans. This physiological activity, demonstrated in vitro is confirmed by ex vivo and overall in vivo tests.
  • Dipeptide VW and Palmitoyl Lipopeptide:Dipeptide increases the frequency of lymphangion contraction. Lipoptedide restores elasticity and firmness because acts on secretion of cytokine (new cells).
  • Esapeptide: is able to decrease neuronal muscular transduction signal. Softening muscular contraction, prevent the formation of line and wrinkles.
  • Glycosaminoglycans Hydrolized: help the formation of hyaluronic acid in deepness, is also very useful as carrier of active ingredients in deepness.
  • Pentapeptide: attenuates muscle contraction, preventing the formation of line and wrinkles with a reduction mechanism of the neuron’s excitability.
  • Plant Polysaccharides: plant polysaccharides extracted from rye work on the superficial first horny layer. It gives an immediate lifting effect.

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